Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love learning new techniques.  Last night I was poking around the class list for Stitches South (after reading Rebecca Danger's post about shipping off some monsters to the show) and I came across something interesting - a class on Double-knitting tubes.  How awesome is that??  Sometimes I feel I-cord is the bane of my existence.  I hate sliding the stitches around all the time, and I don't always have the correct size of dpn's.

Since I am not independently wealthy, and will not be attending Stitches South anytime soon, I went on a hunt.  I couldn't find an article on just knitting tubes, but I found this tutorial on Knitty- Extreme knitting: 2 socks in 1.  Here is a photo from the tutorial:

Humor me and pretend this is a real caption.  The purple
is the outside sock, the orange is the inside sock.
Photo came from here.

Of course, having severe start-itis, I want to start right away.  I am afraid I must exercise some self-discipline and finish something else first.

Still, I have to plan this out, right?  I think that holding both yarns in my left hand just might be too fiddly, (I knit continental-style) so I think I may just have to learn to hold one yarn in my left hand and one in my right hand, as illustrated at 4:10 in this video.  You can find the project that is being made in the video here.  Of course, to do that, I have to learn how to knit English-style.  You can find that video here- just scroll down to where it says English Method.  I absolutely adore, which is where I found these videos.

Here's the plan:
  1. Learn how to knit English style.
  2. Learn how to double-knit.
  3. Learn how to double knit a tube in the form of 2 socks one inside the other.
  4. Realize that my logic is royally screwed up and that, in the end, I'll only know how to knit 2 tubes, one in side of the other, and not just one tube.
  5. Buy some dpn's in the size that I need and just get over myself.

Found it!  It seems I should have looked just a little bit deeper,  I found a tutorial on double-knitting tubes at Alwen's blog here and found a link to this group on her side bar.  

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

3 Years (or... I'm alive!!!)

Plans, plans, plans.

I planned on posting on the 30th of March so it would be exactly 3 years from my last post.  So much for that idea.  So, here I am.  Finally.  What happened to me?  I have no idea.  I tend to be very cyclical in my hobbies, and knitting got put on a back burner for a loooong time.  I have knit some small projects (and a large one, which I will try to post a pic of soon), but knitting just wasn't that interesting.

I have absolutely no idea how to use blogger any more, so I have a lot of re-learning to do.  See those buttons on the right sidebar?  I have absolutely no idea how I got them there.  Oh, well.

A few weeks ago, when I took my to get the a/c fixed (hooray for a/c!), I discovered a fellow knitter.  The receptionist was working on a beautiful shawl.  Of course, much knitting-talk ensued, and she told me about a local knitting guild that I never even heard of.  I am so thrilled to have a local knitting group to go to!  On the 17th of April, I will go to some classes they're having on yarn dyeing.  The morning class is how to dye a variegated yarn guaranteed to not stripe, and the afternoon class is how to dye a self-striping yarn.  I'm really looking forward to it.

Anywho, I've got other things to do, unfortunately.  I will try to post soon with some pics.  Posts without pics are boring!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Trekking Under the Wire

As I may have told you, I joined the Trekking Along, which requires you to post your progress in June, July, and August. Well, here it is, the last day of June, and I haven't had a chance to go trekking anywhere! Ack!!!

So I got creative (we won't call it cheating. nope. not cheating. definitely not.) and the boy-child and I went for a little walk in the woodsy area next to the building where my daughter has occupational therapy.

We checked out the local wildlife.

We took the prerequisite sock(s)-on-the-tree picture (and yes, there was poison ivy on the other side of the tree stump, but we stayed far away from it.) Sock color- too light!

The boy-child decided he didn't like walking in the dead leaves, pinecones, and round sticky-balls (I have no idea what they're called), so we resumed our trek on the sidewalk.

Here you see my right foot (and yes, I do have a left foot, which is under the goknit pouch), my wonderful Birkenstock sandal that will be dead soon, I didn't get them resoled before the leather cracked, and now it will cost almost as much to resole and replace the footbed as it will to replace them. Unfortunately, I don't have money for either. So, I'm wearing them until they die. Oh, wait! There's my left hand too (I knit... Continental? I dunno. I'm a picker.), my goknit pouch, and my sock-in-progress. Btw, this is colorway seventy-something. Shades of purple- 76 or 78 I think. Ball-band has gone incognito. Sock color- accurate.
Edit: I looked up the colorway- it's Trekking 78.

The boy-child. About 50 feet ahead of me. Of course. Ok, wait, maybe not 50 feet at that moment. Don't mind me. (And yes, if you're suspecting something weird, he does swing his hips while he walks. Weird. The girl-child, btw, doesn't. Or at least it's not as pronounced.)

We see a humongo rock next to a picnic bench that I hadn't noticed before (the rock, not the picnic bench.

So the sock wanted to go be photographed on it, and I obliged. (The other sock, btw, is nestled safely in my go-knit pouch.) Sock color is pretty accurate.

Hopefully next month, I'll go on a real walk. Please cross your fingers for me.

Edit: Thanks to my sil Cheryl for bringing my misspellings and totally wrong words to my attention. :P

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Feeling better

Sorry about all the crankiness last night. I am feeling lots better this morning. My darling hubby took care of the kiddos when they woke up (at 6 am) so I was able to sleep in to almost 8:00. How wonderful!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm alive. I think.

Well, here I am. No real post, yet again. Are you guys bored out of your gourds yet?

I got to the dentist around 10:10 (oops!) and they decided they wanted to clean my teeth while I was there. "How long will it take?" I ask. "About 40 minutes." "How long is the crown prep supposed to take?" "An hour and a half."

So... 40 minutes plus an hour and a half... 2 hours and 10 minutes. "Okay."

I left the dentist at 1:30. For all of you people that hate the maths, that's 3 hours and 20 minutes. I was supposed to drive home (30 minutes) and pick up the kids, buckle them in their seats (10-15 minutes) and drive to TEACCH (15 minutes). I was supposed to be at TEACCH by 2:00.

Again, those evil maths. I was late. I called the hubby on my way home, had him get the kiddos ready, and had him bring them out to the car as I pulled up to my house. We each buckled in a kid, and off we went. We were only (by some miracle) 10 minutes late.

TEACCH went just fine. The girl-child did her testing, and the boy-child played in another room while I knit. The TEACCH people and I chatted for a few minutes, then off we went to Speech Therapy.

Since I had the boy, I didn't get to observe speech. (For some reason, having a 3-year-old in the room is somewhat distracting to the girl-child.) We went to Wal-mart to look around, then back to pick up the girl-child.

So.... I guess the gist of the story, is that I never stopped to eat. I had a banana at about 9:30, on the way to the dentist (banana breath- poor dentist!) Sooo... My head hurts, my mouth hurts, and I'm cranky. We hit McD's on the way home. The poor kids had to live without happy meal toys, and I promised them we'd make chocolate milk at home. Luckily, the hubby was home to help serve my gourmet meal, and here we are.

So that was my day. Have I bored you all to tears? I am still tired and cranky, and my mouth and head still hurt.

No nice knitting pictures. Just cranky me.

Tomorrow's another day, eh?

Monday, June 19, 2006

What? I was going to blog today?

I promised myself yesterday that I was going to post today about the package my Dye-O-Rama buddy sent me. Here it is, 9:17 pm, and, well..... maybe tomorrow?

Wait... tomorrow I go to the dentist for crown-prep work. Oh, the joy. That starts at 10:00. Then at 2:00, I have to take the girl-child to TEACCH to help someone train on how to do testing (My daughter does very well testing, so she goes and acts like a 'model' testee for people that are learning to do the testing to evaluate autism, etc.). I love that we can do this to 'give back.' This should last for 2 hours, then at 4:30, it's time for the girl-child's speech therapy. Hopefully I'll get to do some blogging tomorrow.

Today I have taken a few car-loads of trash to the dumpster and I did some cleaning and re-arranging in the middle bedroom, which will shortly become my daughter's bedroom. She and her brother are sharing, but we will be getting some twin-size beds soon, and she's going to be 5 in september, so it's time to split them up! It's been quite a challenge getting this room ready- It was our office, also known as the 'stash and dash' room. You know, the one where you throw stuff that doesn't have any other home. The one that, when you have company, you shove stuff in and close the door. Yep. It's been reeeeal interesting. We are also doing a major patching job on the wall. We live in a manufactured home, and we are removing the strips that cover the joins in the wall panels, and puttying them so they look more like regular walls. Hopefully we will eventually do this in our entire home, to help it look a little bit nicer.

Anyways, it's off to bed for me pretty soon here, hopefully I'll give you a real post tomorrow evening or Wednesday.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Three Boogas

Well, here is the baby booga bag that I was making. I finished it pretty soon after the last time I posted-- I already had to give it its first shave before taking this picture. I am amazed at how much it softened up with the felting. I had a bit of a hard time knitting with the Kureyon, especially the i-cord, because it is so scratchy. If I told someone that now, after touching the finished bag, they'd never believe me. (Unless, of course, they had knitted with Kureyon themselves.)
As you see it has gained two comrades. They are gifts for the girl-child's pre-k teachers. She had them as teachers for nearly two years, and I am so very pleased with the progress she has made while she was in their care. Thanks Mrs. Azevedo and Mrs. Greer!

I made their bags from Patons Classic Merino Wool in uh.... Purple and Burgundy. Those probably aren't the exact names, but I am too lazy to go look and see what they were. Oh, yeah, and Winter White. They felted excellently- almost too well. They are the full-sized booga bags. Yep. Chalk up one for how different yarns felt differently! They are both wider than the baby booga, though just a tad shorter. The biggest difference you can see is in the handles. I think I stopped knitting the baby booga's handle at about 5 1/2 feet, and I know I did 6 feet on the handles for both of the big boogas. Next time I'll adjust accordingly, adding length to the i-cord for the handle, and adding, oh, about 10 rows (at least) to the length of the bag. The white stripes on the purple bag are 10 rows wide.

Also, if I knit a booga for the girl-child's kindergarten teacher (which I am planning on doing), I will make sure it is done BEFORE school ends! Fortunately, I do have the teachers' contact information and will either drop the bags by their houses or send them (hopefully the former!) I was just thinking I would have to only make one, but I believe the kindergarten teachers all have assistants too. That's ok though, I really enjoy making these bags. Thanks so much Julie for making this pattern!

Edit: The colors of the two right boogas are Royal Purple and Burgundy. And, of course, the purple one is a lot more purple in person, kind of an eggplant-y purple (to me at least.)

A Whole Month?

Has it been a whole month since I last blogged? Oops! Major Knitter warned me that blogging was time consuming (and fun), and yes, she's right. I got into procrastinating a little too much, and here I am. I have plenty of stuff to blog about, but I guess I need to set a time to do it. So what do you do? Do you have a set time/day of the week to blog? Do you blog a little at a time? Any suggestions or ideas would be great!