Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Three Boogas

Well, here is the baby booga bag that I was making. I finished it pretty soon after the last time I posted-- I already had to give it its first shave before taking this picture. I am amazed at how much it softened up with the felting. I had a bit of a hard time knitting with the Kureyon, especially the i-cord, because it is so scratchy. If I told someone that now, after touching the finished bag, they'd never believe me. (Unless, of course, they had knitted with Kureyon themselves.)
As you see it has gained two comrades. They are gifts for the girl-child's pre-k teachers. She had them as teachers for nearly two years, and I am so very pleased with the progress she has made while she was in their care. Thanks Mrs. Azevedo and Mrs. Greer!

I made their bags from Patons Classic Merino Wool in uh.... Purple and Burgundy. Those probably aren't the exact names, but I am too lazy to go look and see what they were. Oh, yeah, and Winter White. They felted excellently- almost too well. They are the full-sized booga bags. Yep. Chalk up one for how different yarns felt differently! They are both wider than the baby booga, though just a tad shorter. The biggest difference you can see is in the handles. I think I stopped knitting the baby booga's handle at about 5 1/2 feet, and I know I did 6 feet on the handles for both of the big boogas. Next time I'll adjust accordingly, adding length to the i-cord for the handle, and adding, oh, about 10 rows (at least) to the length of the bag. The white stripes on the purple bag are 10 rows wide.

Also, if I knit a booga for the girl-child's kindergarten teacher (which I am planning on doing), I will make sure it is done BEFORE school ends! Fortunately, I do have the teachers' contact information and will either drop the bags by their houses or send them (hopefully the former!) I was just thinking I would have to only make one, but I believe the kindergarten teachers all have assistants too. That's ok though, I really enjoy making these bags. Thanks so much Julie for making this pattern!

Edit: The colors of the two right boogas are Royal Purple and Burgundy. And, of course, the purple one is a lot more purple in person, kind of an eggplant-y purple (to me at least.)


Blogger Ann said...

I am sure that the teachers are really going to appreciate the bags and the effort that went into them.

A very nice job!


9:29 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

Great job! Awesome gifts.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

I found knitting my booga bag with kureyon hard on the hands also. I ended up making the i cord with one of those i-cord makers, you know, like a wood tube with nails on the top. went much faster and you don't have to touch the wool.

3:34 PM  

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