Friday, May 05, 2006

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I really do knit

I must apologize for the lack of knitting content thus far. Here is one of my many current knitting projects:

A baby booga bag in Noro Kureyon colorway 170. I have heard a lot about Kureyon and it's little quirks of having knots in the middle of the skein joining two colors that are not, let's say, part of the natural color progression of the skein. Case in point. I started with the bottom of the bag. So, going from left to right, I found a single knot in my first skein where the second burgundy stripe starts. And that's all for that skein. Begin skein number two--I knew that skein two was different, I just hoped that skein one had hidden in its center the same colors as skein two. Do you see where skein two starts? Isn't it glaringly obvious? I was hoping it would look all right, but it looks like I started with a totally different colorway. As far as I can tell, it progressed from a rust color to orange to yellow, to a dark olive green, to navy, then to to the burgundy.

I am 4/5 of the way finished with the bag. It's time for some damage control. Yep. Rippit! I think I am going to start the bag over, going from the outside of skein two in. This should put the orange stripe somewhere closer to the middle of the bag so it won't stand out as much. Hopefully I will be able to get a little bit more of a natural looking progression. Unfortunately, I don't really know what's supposed to be on the other side of the orange since it only occurs once in my second skein. I will then add part of skein one on, and probably use the rest of skein one for the handles. I guess we'll all have to wait and see what happens!


Anonymous Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

It's a tad late, but the last Noro project I did I laid the skeins out with the beginning and ends of them pulled out and put them in the most harmonious and graduated color order I could. Of course you can't control knots in the middle of skeins, but when you hit one if it is glaringly bad you have already dug out all the ends to the skeins for the project and can choose to start another skein that matches better if you wish. Kind of piddly, but I was much happier with that second multi-directional scarf than I was the first.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous kathleen said...

awesome colors!


7:12 PM  

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