Monday, June 19, 2006

What? I was going to blog today?

I promised myself yesterday that I was going to post today about the package my Dye-O-Rama buddy sent me. Here it is, 9:17 pm, and, well..... maybe tomorrow?

Wait... tomorrow I go to the dentist for crown-prep work. Oh, the joy. That starts at 10:00. Then at 2:00, I have to take the girl-child to TEACCH to help someone train on how to do testing (My daughter does very well testing, so she goes and acts like a 'model' testee for people that are learning to do the testing to evaluate autism, etc.). I love that we can do this to 'give back.' This should last for 2 hours, then at 4:30, it's time for the girl-child's speech therapy. Hopefully I'll get to do some blogging tomorrow.

Today I have taken a few car-loads of trash to the dumpster and I did some cleaning and re-arranging in the middle bedroom, which will shortly become my daughter's bedroom. She and her brother are sharing, but we will be getting some twin-size beds soon, and she's going to be 5 in september, so it's time to split them up! It's been quite a challenge getting this room ready- It was our office, also known as the 'stash and dash' room. You know, the one where you throw stuff that doesn't have any other home. The one that, when you have company, you shove stuff in and close the door. Yep. It's been reeeeal interesting. We are also doing a major patching job on the wall. We live in a manufactured home, and we are removing the strips that cover the joins in the wall panels, and puttying them so they look more like regular walls. Hopefully we will eventually do this in our entire home, to help it look a little bit nicer.

Anyways, it's off to bed for me pretty soon here, hopefully I'll give you a real post tomorrow evening or Wednesday.


Anonymous kathleen said...

have a good day today. can't wait to see your package. owen is not a model testee but i sure do know what you mean about giving back.

6:57 AM  

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