Wednesday, April 26, 2006


***Disclaimer: I wrote most of this post yesterday, Wednesday 26th of April. I was too lazy to finish and post it. There will be (more) pics. I promise.

I resumed dyeing the next day after, well, whatever the last day I dyed was. Yesterday? Did I dye yesterday? I honestly can't remember. Sad, huh?

It seems that as my yarn dried, things changed. The kool-aid yarn dried beautifully. The purple, however, well... It wasn't good. It had some surprises on the inside of the skein where it didn't dye evenly. Then as it dried, it got really... splotchy. I decided to experiment a bit and dye the purple yarn in the microwave this time. I mixed up the dye and put in the vinegar and the dye- the dye- it turned blue. At this point I really didn't care. I dyed the yarn anyway, hoping at least that the splotches would get darker. And they did.

Now this poor yarn has seen its day. Dark purple, with light grey-blue-purple splotches. Bits of red here and there. And it's starting to felt to itself. I may or may not ever use this yarn. It's mostly just for practice, so it's ok.

Update: Surprisingly, when I wound the purple yarn up, it's pretty now. I seem to like it. What's with that? Maybe I'll have use for it after all.

My pink yarn. Oh, my pink yarn. Again, Wilton's icing dye. In the microwave, with a tiny bit of vinegar. It was beautiful. It looked like intestines.

It was a dark pink, and the color was pretty even along its length. I wound it into a super-long skein, and I think that helped it dye evenly. Behold the super-niddy-noddy!

I made my original niddy-noddy way too short, only for a 1-yard skein, and I was without a hack saw and desparate, so I stuck my leftover pvc pipe in and there it is. My arms sure were tired. Standing up, it comes about to my hip. Too lazy to go find a tape measure (really, I'm sure I could just turn around and find one, but it would involve getting up), I'm guessing it's about 3 feet long. I will get it shortened. Probably to whatever length this tutorial recommends.

So. Pink yarn. I hung it up, it was beautiful. Then it dried. Splotchy. Part pink, peach, orange-ish.

I'm about done with wilton's dye. I'm so frustrated with it. I will probably over-dye it again then call it quits. I've been using Paton's Classic Merino Wool, about half a skein for each of these experiments, so it's not too expensive.

Update: Yet again, when I wound the yarn into the skein, even though it was not at all the color I wanted, it is strangely pretty. I think I'll keep it. (It is darker in person.)

And just for posterity's sake, here's the yarn I dyed (the first day of dyeing) with the pseudo-kool-aid. I am quite pleased with it.


Anonymous Kirsten said...

I often find that my mishaps in dying are not so bad once I step back from them. Just as you are pleasantly surprised once you wind them into balls, I think you will be happy when you swatch them.
I've dyed a lot of Patons Classic Merino. You can't beat the price and it takes dye really well. Nice work.

3:02 PM  

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